"Out with the old, in with the new. This is the story of the Buskers & Lou…"

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Lights, cameras…

Our equipment is rented, our locations are mostly set, our cast and crew have received their first call sheet, and our fingers crossed for some decent (ie: not too sunny, not too rainy) weather tomorrow. Keep an eye out, because we should have the rough cut of the opening title sequence uploaded here in a couple days, and then we’re taking a break while our Kickstarter and other fundraising efforts wrap up and we develop characters and plot points with our actors.

If you’re in the mood to pitch in a little cash to help our little do-it-ourselves indie flick, click on the link above. $5 or $5,000 — any amount helps and there are incentives for any price range. Also, we’re constantly on the look out for musicians, locations, interesting eccentrics, and local businesses. The script is designed to allow us a lot of flexibility, so if you’re interested in getting a little bit of inexpensive exposure for yourself or your business, shoot us an email at thebuskersandloumovie@gmail.com.

On that note, my alarm is set for 6 AM and I’m going to close my eyes for a bit and try hard to not to think about scheduling, budgeting, props, set dressing, locations, wardrobe, makeup, cameras, lights, audio gear, actors, transportation, permits, or craft services for a couple of hours…


Donation Drive (Update!)

With Co-Producers attached, story beats scripted out, and casting sessions booked for this weekend principle photography on “The Buskers & Lou” is right around the corner and you can help get this movie made by making a donation by clicking the Paypal button below. There are a variety of incentives for you to choose from:

  • Intern Level: For donations of $5, you will receive a personalized and individually numbered behind-the-scenes postcard. When you receive yours in the mail, upload it to the website and watch step-by-step as the movie comes together from scratch. Or, for donations of $10, you will receive both a postcard and an autographed copy of the story beats.
  • Production Assistant Level: For donations of $50, you will receive a personalize postcard, a copy of the story beats, the movie on DVD, and the soundtrack as a digital download.
  • Associate Producer Level: With a donation of $100 you will receive a DVD, the autographed story  beats, a personalized postcard, the soundtrack on CD, and a Thank You in the credits at the end of the movie.
  • Co-Producer Level: For a donation of $250, you will receive the movie on DVD, the soundtrack on CD, a personalize postcard, an autographed copy of the story beats, a Thank You credit in the movie along with a movie poster (18″ x 27″), a “Buskers & Lou” t-shirt, a credit on the Internet Movie Database, and we will plug your personal website by linking it to our official movie site.
  • Producer Level: If you really want to see this movie made, a donation of $1,000 will get you a whole host of incentives: all the items listed above,  above as well as a Co-Producer credit in the opening credit sequence, autographed cast & crew photo, autographed and bound copy of the script, a “Buskers  & Lou” coffee mug, an invitation to the official wrap party, and you can have a character in the movie named after you. (Note: Limited to 5 characters.)
  • Executive Producer: And if you really, really want to see this movie made — and why wouldn’t you? — for a donation of$5,000, along with the gratitude of everyone on the cast and crew, you will receive an Executive Producer credit in the opening credit sequence as well as all the incentives listed above, and our cast will record a cover song of your choice for inclusion on the DVD and dedicated to you, and you will receive 2 tickets to see the movie at any film festival where it screens (transportation to the festivals not provided).

Every little bit helps. After making your donation, make sure you email us at thebuskersandloumovie@gmail.com with your address. You can also donate via our Kickstarter page here.

Thank you for your donation, and for supporting independent filmmaking.

— The Buskers & Lou Production Team