"Out with the old, in with the new. This is the story of the Buskers & Lou…"

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Teaser Trailer!

Well, it’s less a teaser trailer and more like a super-condensed version of the opening credit sequence (minus a few key shots due to crappily-timed sunny weather) that we whipped up using footage shot last weekend:

If you like what you see, please go toss a few bucks into our Kickstarter account — we have 10 days left to raise the last little bit, and repost the link to help get the word out.



Behind the Scenes: Casting

I’ll be honest with you, even in the most comforting circumstances casting is always my least-favorite part of the moviemaking process. Add in the fact that I was in a new city — somewhere that you couldn’t just walk into a coffee shop and wave a script and have actors flock to you — I was more than a bit nervous to start this stage of the process. However, “The Buskers & Lou” being a movie, we are definitely going to need actors at some point and that point is now, so we loaded up on caffeine…

…and we filled our bellies with a quick Thai food dinner from the closest food cart…

…and we got our work space organized…

…and our camera ready…

…and we were off and running.

Day 1 started out on the opposite side of awesome when, right as our first actor arrived, I received a text — followed by an email, and finally a phone call — from another actor who just couldn’t wait to tell me that he’d read the sides I’d sent him and decided he wasn’t interested in the project. So that was exciting. But after that, things started looking up. Our first actor was solid and he didn’t seem to mind that the director was unprofessional enough to not silence his cell phone, and over the course of a few hours we saw a few dozen actors that ran the gamut from totally professional and amazing to interestingly weird and distinctly Portlandish. And when it was all over, I’ll admit, I was blown away by the level of talent that showed up — I figured we’d get one or two people who really stood out, a handful of people who would work out just fine, and a few people who we could use in a pinch, but then we’d have to deal with scheduling issues and conflicts, and questions about the content of the movie and so on. But we walked away the first day with the Definitely Maybe stack completely dominating the Definitely Not stack.

Day 2: The Round-table Callback Experiment: After dividing our Maybes into groups and splitting them up based on speculation and projection, we brought in one of each of our primary characters to see how they might work off each other. And, it surprised me a bit but the experiment turned out well and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

But now comes the hard part — the movie could very easily go in a number of different directions, but we’re in the fortunate position to have a lot of talent to choose from. It’s been a long week, so next step: knock back a celebratory glass of whiskey, finish this blog post, and hit the hay. We have to make some final big decisions tomorrow but I’m looking forward to having our cast in place.

With that step behind us, our next immediate goals to tackle are to find a web developer and designer to work on promotional material and building our web presence while we push forth with trying to get the opening credit sequence knocked out next week. Production is definitely underway, there’s no looking back now, so check back here soon to see how things are coming along.