"Out with the old, in with the new. This is the story of the Buskers & Lou…"

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The Buskers & Lou (And Micah!)

Here’s a mini-doc Micah made for his class. It’s Tyler, not Trevor, and Erin is a Producer, not a PA, and I’m not nearly as goofy in real life, all that was actually staged, but otherwise it’s great…

Friends of the Buskers!

Here’s a shout out to the local companies that helped us out during production. There’s more to come, I just have lots of footage to dig through still!

About Face Magazine, Upshur Ave:

Backspace Cafe, 5th St.:

The Canvas Art Bar & Bistro, Upshur Ave:

The Cup & Saucer, Mississippi Ave:

Green Bean Coffee, Mississippi Ave:

Lodekka Vintage Clothes, Williams St/Freemont Ave:

Muddy’s Coffee, Mississippi Ave:

Tiny’s Coffee, Hawthorne Ave:

Behind the scenes, Day 9: Scene #47

Buskers + Lou: The Musical.

Scene 87, Behind the Scenes

Important Update: Fundraising Almost Done!

Hello Everyone!

So we’re in the last week of our fundraising drive with Kickstarter. We’re 80% to our goal but we still need a bit of help to push the fundraiser over the edge — Kickstarter is an all-or-nothing site, so we need your help to get that last 20% in place. We have incentives from $5 and up if you can chip in, and if you can’t but you still want to help out, please repost the kickstarter this link in your social media outlets:

We have until May 8th at 6 PM Pacific. Thanks for your help!

Also, you can follow along with the process of the movie though Twitter, or you can join our Facebook page here.

Thanks, and thanks for supporting our movie.

Teaser Trailer!

Well, it’s less a teaser trailer and more like a super-condensed version of the opening credit sequence (minus a few key shots due to crappily-timed sunny weather) that we whipped up using footage shot last weekend:

If you like what you see, please go toss a few bucks into our Kickstarter account — we have 10 days left to raise the last little bit, and repost the link to help get the word out.



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